I swear, there's a method to my marathon madness.

I must be crazy. Perhaps the Pittsburgh Parking Authority has finally given me one too many tickets. Or maybe I've sat through too many rush hour traffic jams. Or bobbled my way through too many canyon-sized potholes.
Regardless of my very questionable mental state, I did it. I signed up to run the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon
A few things about this:
1. I'm not a runner. I work out, sure - indoors. On an elliptical, to save my joints from arthritis. And some weight-resistance and pilates. But outdoors running? No, no no no no. If there's nothing physically pushing me forward, I tend to stop and go back inside and eat some ice cream.

2. I really love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

3. Because of #'s 1 and 2, I can't believe I paid $80 to run outdoors. And train. Lots and lots of training. Cross training, and running miles in the double digits, and improving time.

4. I'm tired all of a sudden.

5. I am going to run for a charity - Animal Rescue League of Western PA. You should totally sponsor me, because it will ALL go to ARLWPA. It's an open door shelter, and a great cause. I'll have the link up closer to the marathon for you to click on and donate.
**update** Here's the link: donate & help Pittsburgh Pooches!

6. Apparently, I also have to get up and be AT the starting line before 6:30am.

7. Did I mention I was tired, all of a sudden?

8. At least I'll get a nice view of the city. Right? And get in shape before my BFF's wedding. Right?! And hopefully raise some money for poor shelter animals.  Right?!?  Right. This is what I tell myself. This is (please God) what will push me through when I'm sobbing because my legs have turned into wet noodles.

9. I hope I don't come in last.

10. Fellow Pittsburgh blogger Deanna created a playlist to jog to. I plan on using it - a LOT.

11. Pray for me. And, if you're not the religious type, then please contribute to my running cause.

12. I plan on updating several times before the Big Day, about how it's going and the training program I plan on using, and all that great stuff.  I'll get back to you in May on whether or not the Pittsburgh Marathon is the best or worst in the 'Burgh.  The jury (me) is still out. Although raising any money for the ARLWPA will tilt the scales towards "best" - but if I can no longer use my legs when this is all said and done, maybe not so much.


humanvacuum said...

Ha! I think we're in the same boat - I signed up for the half on the day the registration went live, thinking I'd have plenty of time to train for it... except I recently discovered that I *HATE* running when I *have* to.
My noodle legs look forward to seeing your noodle legs there!

Emily said...

my friend talked me into signing up for the half a few months ago... training started yesterday. oh boy! i look forward to your posts!

Deanna said...

You can do it!!!!!! Let the music be your motivator :D

Anonymous said...

im proud of you