Peduto vs. Pothole Season

First, can I just say that our newly-crowned Mayor Peduto is adorable so far. Perhaps the city and he are in that "newlywed" stage and he can do no wrong and everything he touches turns to gold and is just so darn CUTE and cheek-squeeze worthy. Or maybe it's partly because it's like replacing George Bush Jr., on a smaller scale: (cough cough, LUKEY) compared to him, you - by default - are gonna look GREAT. Whatever it is, it's working so far. Let's all enjoy the honeymoon phase as long as it lasts. 

Second, can we all acknowledge the new season in Pittsburgh? Everyone who's anyone knows that there are three seasons in Pittsburgh: Summer, Steeler Season, and Winter. Enter: the newly-dubbed, Pothole Season.

Pothole season: It's Good to be a Tire Salesman in Pittsburgh.

Two weeks ago Mayor Peduto called for a "72 hour all-out blitz" on potholes. It was SO cute. And somewhat productive, too. Productive in the sense that I actually NOTICED potholes being filled -- crater-sized potholes, mind you, that required sever swerving to avoid, FILLED. I could hear angels singing. But of course, in Pittsburgh, you never REALLY win against the potholes. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "The announcement follows a Post Gazette report...about the earlier start to Pothole Season that followed wild temperature swings that took the mercury from 50 degrees to minus 9, and back to 55 this month."

Pothole Season: Making the Mercury  Violently Burst from your Thermostat Like in a Cartoon.

In a 72 hour flash -- the majority of my morning-commute potholes were gone! YEs, it was a glorious two days. And then...they came back. Remember, you may win a battle or two, but you'll never win the war vs. potholes.

Pothole Season: We Know What You'll Do Next Winter.

Ford and I recently moved from renting in the East End to owning in the lovely borough of Dormont (more, as promised) on that VERY SOON. IMINENT, in fact!) and every time I drive on McNeilly, I need to go buy four new tires. IT. IS. THAT. BAD. And trust me, I don't delude myself into thinking that McNeilly is the only road like this. Save me, Mayor Peduto- Pie - Mayor Cutie-Pie Peduto - Mayor Peduto the Pothole Puncher! If only if it will be for a few days.... a few days with flat roads and plump tires is better than a lifetime with plump roads and flat tires. Or something like that.


TheGreatTVHanger said...

From the PG: "One particularly bad street is McNeilly Road in the South Hills, which has been passed over for repaving three years running because of planned utility work that would have torn up the new pavement. Mr. Kaczorowski [Public Works Director] said the city and Dormont plan to resurface the road this year."

Ang said...

@TheGreatTVHanger -- YAY resurface and BOO more construction. I guess you can't get the best of both worlds...

Tor Hershman said...

[____] Nice fauz Van Gogh

Tor Hershman said...

Even fauX

Anonymous said...

He must have spent all the money and manpower in your neighborhood because nothing was filled/fixed on the north side. Meh.